This is cool. I have been looking for an Instructable on one of these for a long time. Right now I can think of 3 thing to add to it, finger/toenail clippers, small scissor that are made for cutting of loose flesh off wounds are good for cutting into limbs to get something out, and needles (also are good in a small surgery to remove something).

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He’s completely smeared off his bike and smashed into a bus by several tons of car. And he doesn’t even blink. So, you know the story by now. Baron Davis keeps having setbacks with his comeback (sometimes you can’t just flip the switch and become a sleak, diciplined, competent NBA player in a month, clawing your way out of the gluttonous, overweight, disinterested Cleveland malaise). So, the Knicks decide to bring in Lin after he was waived by the Warriors and Rockets earlier this season.

In a “draft illegal” event most non elite triathlons are draft illegal strict rules govern how long you can remain in another rider’s draft zone. Under ITU rules, the draft zone is a large rectangle measuring three meters wide by 10 meters long (10 by 33 feet) that extends backwards from the front tire of the bike [source: ITU]. (The zone measures 12 meters long for long distance races.)If you want to pass a rider in front of you, you can only ride through their draft zone for a total of 15 seconds [source: ITU].

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